Brunch Nov 26/27, 2016

 vegetables 6 ea. / 3 for 15        

beets, goat’s cheese, black garlic

sunchokes, brown butter, hazelnut

black kale, apple, rosemary



paprika braised beef, vegetable hash, poached eggs 17

french lentils, mushroom ragout, radish, poached eggs16

pine mushroom rice, ikura, vivid choy, poached eggs  15

rutabaga “pastrami”, chimichurri, rye, fried eggs  16

braised pork tacos, pickled onion, roast peppers16


sides & sweets

sourdough rye bread, jam, butter5

buttermilk biscuit, jam 4

carrot cake, pear, whipped cream 6

extra egg   2


we serve organic and SPCA certified eggs from Rabbit River Farm and grass-fed and organic dairy from The Farmhouse exclusively

Family style set menu  


buttermilk biscuit, sourdough rye bread, seasonal jam


black kale, apple, rosemary


rutabaga “pastrami”, chimichurri, rye, fried eggs


paprika braised beef, winter vegetable hash


carrot cake, pear, whipped cream



                                                we kindly ask that the whole table participates in a set menu