fresh ingredients delivered to our door daily, menus below are for you to sample

Brunch weekend of October 23, 2015

beyond bread bakery organic bread, pear butter 4

buttermilk biscuit, strawberry-tayberry jam 5

bacon 3

housemade yogurt, grapes, honey nuts 8

bread pudding, chantilly, belle de boskoop apple, maple syrup 8

vegetable 7 ea. / 3 for 19           

parsley root, mutsu apple, toasted oats

kabocha squash, hazelnut

savoy cabbage, oyster emulsion, crispy rice

brussels sprout, mushroom marmalade

smørrebørd  open face sprouted rye bread sandwich

beets, crème fraiche, pickled rhubarb7

oxtail, pickled mustard seed, shallot, watercress   7

smoked ling cod, mustard greens, herbs   7

all three smørrebørd 19

laird lentils, preserved pepper, burrata, poached eggs 15

ricotta on toast, nectarine jam, olive oil, poached eggs 15

octopus, beet top kimchi, potato, poached eggs 16

smoked sablefish, broccoli, furikake, soft boiled egg17

berkshire & tamsworth pork, ”FA” sauce, buttermilk biscuit, fried egg 15

confit  chicken hash, fall vegetables, potato, poached eggs 15

‘masa’s rice’ congee, beef cheek, XO, shitake, poached eggs 15

house bacon, tomatillo, pickled carrot, fried eggs 14

we serve organic and SPCA certified eggs from Rabbit River Farm and grass-fed and organic dairy from The Farmhouse exclusively