fresh ingredients delivered to our door daily

Brunch Oct. 15/16, 2016

 vegetables 6 ea. / 3 for 15        

burdock root, sichuan peppercorn

brussel sprouts, parsnip & cashew cream

sugarloaf endive salad, sprouted lentils, farmhouse cheddar cheese, brown butter



tamsworth bacon, henry moore grits, pickled green tomato, poached eggs 17

fried masa’s rice, wild mushrooms, chili, poached eggs16

sprouted lentils, cauliflower, dukkah, poached eggs  15

chicken liver pate, toast, pickles, greens, smoked egg  15

hot smoked sablefish, german butter potato, crème fraiche, poached eggs17


sides & sweets

red fife sourdough bread, jam, butter5

buttermilk biscuit, jam 4

coronation grape bread pudding, whipped cream 6

extra egg   2

we serve organic and SPCA certified eggs from Rabbit River Farm and grass-fed and organic dairy from The Farmhouse exclusively