fresh ingredients delivered to our door daily


vegtables 6 ea. / 3 for 15

bok choy, xo sauce

beets, basil

marinated zucchini


salmon gravlax, fennel, creme fraiche, sourdough, poached eggs 16

pork pastrami, summer vegetable hash, poached eggs 16

summer sausage, potato, peas, fried eggs 16

unagi glazed octopus, nuka pickles, masa's rice, poached eggs 17

chickpea panisse, broccoli, greens, poached eggs 16

black bean tacos, scrambled eggs, cilantro salsa 15

sides & sweets

house made sourdough bread, apricot jam 5

buttermilk biscuit, raspberry jam 4

carrot cake, cherries, creme fraiche 7

extra egg 2

we serve organic and SPCA certified eggs from Rabbit River Farm and grass-fed and organic dairy from The Farmhouse exclusively