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To those who aren’t my immediate friends; the universe just gave Megan and I a baby boy.

He was born on the 4th of December after an intense labour. 70 hours to be exact and it ended with a caesarian birth.

The past two weeks have been somewhat surreal and I’m floating between the subconscious and the unconscious. In between reality and dreams. 

Having his presence has made me more present and has changed the view of my former self. Cooking has become more of a means for sustenance, a mode of love and a path for compassion and self-care.

What used to be a tool for validation is now more sincere, more genuine and, most importantly, more beautiful. What possesses me at night isn’t the thought of financial struggles, isn’t about the stress of running a business, but rather how can I be better as a human being. It is instead about how I can provide the right resources to a committed group of individuals who make up the community in my life.

Fundamentally, I must be more genuine with my intent and truly foster love and education in my community, as well as my own home.

I cook very differently now, a mostly simple affair. I eat differently, too, I chew a lot more and savor the sustenance in my mouth.  

It is vital to recognize the permanent part of our soul; and that to produce food, we must learn to respect nature itself. And, in turn, this recognition must amount to a living faith.

Below is a soup I made last night for Megan. It comprised of chicken stock, potatoes, carrots, kale and leeks which took only 20 minutes to make provided that you have the chicken stock ready.

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Hi, Would be great to read up on the delicious buttermilk biscuits and recipe.

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