Tuesday to Friday
11 a.m. – 2 p.m.


lunch set menus

soup of the day + choice of a larger plate + dessert                27
soup of the day + choice of two smaller plates + dessert       27

to share:
selection of cheeses, seasonal jam and crackers                       17
selection of charcuterie                                                                16
smoked castelvatrano olives                                                          5
house milled breadand an assortment of spreads                     7

soup of the day, bread and butter                                                 8

roasted carrot, whey, breadcrumb                                                   10
baby butter lettuce, crème fraiche, herbs                                       10
heirloom grains, swiss chard, wild garlic                                        10
roasted winter sweet squash, pumpkin seed, brown butter    10

celeriac agnolotti, rapini, hazelnut                                                 18
pan roasted coho salmon, amarosa potatoes, scallion             19
roasted chicken leg,maitake, savoy cabbage                                19

poached apple, hay ice-cream, walnut crumb                                    7


we only use certified organic vegetables and our eggs are from pasture raised chickens. all of our meat comes of ethically raised animals treated with love and care

As we pride ourselves on placing a premium on the availability and seasonality of all ingredients, the lunch menu above is subject to slight changes.